Internal events

2022 Welcoming ceremony was held


On April 1, 2022, the 2022 Welcoming ceremony was held at the Headquarters office, Deming Prize Commemorative Hall.

We welcomed 28 new employees.



▼Welcoming speech by Hiroaki Sunakawa, President


Congratulations to all new employees.

We are very pleased to welcome you with full of expectation here today.

With the spread of the coronavirus infection worldwide that has continued for two years, I think that you all have had anxious and busy days, and have had a hard time in your studies and personal life. In order to ensure the health, safety, and security of our employees, Cataler uses our own infection control guide as a code of conduct, and all employees implement event restrictions, devise ways to hold meetings, and thoroughly disinfect the company. In the past, this welcome ceremony was held with more than 300 employees, but in order to prevent infection, we held the ceremony with a small number of participants as we did last year.

However, for us, it is no doubt that the most enjoyable day of the year to welcome youthful and energetic people as co-worker. We would like to do our best to select Cataler from many candidates as a place of employment and to meet the efforts and expectations of everyone who has survived the rigorous recruitment examination due to the covid-19 related confusion.



By the way, what are the feelings of new employees who have entered a new beginning as members of society? Is it bright, hopeful and 100% positive? With many social and economic instability factors such as Covid-19 and the situation in Ukraine, you may be worried or concern about the future of the company. Rest assured that Cataler is not only responding quickly and accurately to these immediate challenges, but is also accelerating efforts to sustainably succeed in the next 10 or 20 years.

First, I would like to talk about our approach to carbon neutrality.

Before talking about our current efforts, I would like to look back on my time, me as a junior high school student in the early 1970s, 50 years ago when Cataler was founded. At that time, it was a period of high economic miracle, and the development of industry was the highest priority. TV news reported daily health hazards from air and water pollution. The weather forecast predicted photochemical smog by NOx instead of pollen and ultraviolet rays. Under such circumstances, the Environment Agency was established in 1971, and Eiji Toyoda, then president of Toyota Motor Corporation and chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, was invited to the Diet and was requested to immediately improve the exhaust gas purification level. In this way, Cataler’s seniors carried on the expectations of the world and proceeded with development with Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso, and NGK, and finally completed an exhaust gas purification system using an exhaust gas catalyst and activated carbon. It is currently growing into a Cataler business with annual sales of 280 billion yen. And now, 50 years later, climate change such as global warming has become a problem. There is no direct health hazard like the pollution of 50 years ago, but it is definitely continuing to damage the earth. Under such circumstances, in 2020, Prime Minister Suga declared “2050 Carbon Neutral (CN), Realization of a Decarbonized Society” in Japan.

Cataler is now in exactly the same situation as it was when it was founded, and is about to enter its second founding period. Now is the time to take the first step as a company that develops products that contribute to CO2 reduction and CN realization. And 50 years later, in 2070, I would like to grow it into a big business, so I hope that everyone will work on this project with big dreams and expectations.

In terms of business, we have established the Digital Reform Headquarters in order to make a leap forward to become a top digital company, and are promoting the digitization of information and the digitization of business processes.

In terms of education, we have introduced an employee training system called C-HAM (Cataler-Human-Asset-Management), which breaks away from the conventional trial-and-error education system that takes 3 steps and goes 2 steps. Utilizing C-HAM, we will support everyone’s skill improvement and career development and realize early strengthening.

Furthermore, in terms of daily life, we are developing a work-style reform activity called C-WIN (Cataler-Workstyle-Innovation) and speedily introducing a new system to enhance the work-life balance of employees. As a result of expanding the flextime system, working from home, and enhancing support for injured and reinstated employees, the work-life balance of employees has improved.

As for welfare programs, the latest selective welfare program, which we have been preparing to introduce since last year, will start from today. In the future, I would like you to realize a work-life balance by understanding the system at an early stage and making effective use of it.

As for the prevention of Covid-19 infection, we were the first to start vaccination in the workplace, and we have completed two vaccinations for many people including employees and their families, and we are currently inoculating the third one.

In this way, Cataler responds instantly to changes in the world and provides generous support for the opinions and suggestions of employees and their families. I would like you to do your utmost to educate new employees starting from now on with peace of mind.




Now, I would like to talk about three expectations for new employees.

The first expectation.

He likes to know him. It is like enjoying something that likes it.

There is a word of the analects. It is a word that I said on the day of the informal ceremony.

This means, “Even if you know things well, you can’t beat people who like things.

People who like things can’t beat people who enjoy things. ”

Everyone, please love your work as well as remember it. For that, first of all, please like Cataler. And please become a person who can enjoy the company life.

And, please keep the current feeling of “having high aspirations and taking on new challenges”. Furthermore, I would like you to aim to become a world-class professional while having fun, cultivating a global perspective and recognizing that you are standing on the big stage of the earth.


The second expectation is “communication” and “teamwork”.

No one can complete a job by himself. Cataler requires human resources who can collaborate with members of various departments and achieve results through teamwork. The more you train, the better your communication skills will be. Please greet your seniors and bosses and ask questions to actively communicate and improve your communication skills. And I hope that you will build teamwork with the employees of Global Cataler that you will meet in the future and open up a new era of Cataler.


The third expectation is to stay safe and healthy both at work and in private.

In the company, of course, when you drive a car or enjoy leisure in private, always judge and act with “courage to be called a coward”. If you feel a little uneasy before you act, or if you think it might be dangerous, you can prevent disasters and accidents by “keeping your hands, not moving, and stopping”. I want you to do your work dynamically and aggressively. However, I would like you to become a coward who acts with the utmost care in terms of safety from today.


Lastly, I hope that you will grow up as a member of Cataler and make an outstanding performance; that you will survive the next 50 years vividly; that you will realize your dreams of life and lead a bright, healthy and fruitful life. I pray and make my welcome greetings.