Tsubaki Miki 1st place in the World Cup qualifiers, 5th place after losing in the best 8


Tsubaki Miki, alpine snowboarder who belong to Cataler, competed in the FIS Snowboard World Cup event, which took place in Carezza, Italy on 15 December 2022.



Women’s PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)


(Qualifying round)
■First run in the qualifying round (on the red course).
Against Gloria Kotnik.
37.03 seconds

■Second run in the qualifying round (on the blue course).
Against Julie Zogg.
40.03 seconds

Total time: One minute and 17.06 seconds
Made it past the qualifying round in 1st place.

※After two runs in qualifying, top-16 riders advance to the final round.
(Final round)
※Time counts only in qualifying. In the fanal round, the faster racer in a heat will simply progress to the next stage.

■1/8 Final: Last-16 matchup (on the red course).
Against Lucia Dalmasso.
Won by 0.13 seconds.

■1/4 Final: Quarter-final matchup (on the red course).
Against Michelle Dekker.
Lost by 0.13 seconds.

■5th place
■Points earned: 450 points
■Overall World Cup standings (as of 16 December).
・PSL: 5th
・PGS: 5th
・Parallel Overall: 6th



Winner: Michelle Dekker (Netherlands/1996)
Runner-up: Aleksandra Krol (Poland/1990)
Third place: Ladina Jenny (Switzerland/1992)

5th Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)

8th Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)

25th Asa Toyoda (Japan/1996)

The number of competitors: 33


You can also see the footage of the big final matchup (Michelle Dekker vs Aleksandra Krol).
Dekker claims first ever World Cup win | Carezza | FIS Snowboard
(FIS Snowboarding YouTube)


Although Tsubaki made it past qualifying in 1st place, she ended up finishing 5th in the final round.
Let’s hope that she will be able to leave even better results in the next event on 17 December!