Tsubaki Miki eliminated in the qualifying round of the women’s PSL at the FIS World Cup event

On January 10, 2023, Tsubaki Miki, alpine snowboarder who belongs to Cataler, competed in the FIS Snowboard World Cup event held in Bad Gastein, Austria.


(Qualifying round)
■First run in the qualifying round (on the blue course)
Against Annamari Dancha.
27.72 seconds
■Second run in the qualifying round (on the red course)
Against Tomoka Takeuchi.
31.99 seconds



Total time in the qualifying: 59.71 seconds
Eliminated at the qualifying stage in 20th place.


※Based on the total time of two runs in the qualifying, top-16 riders can advance to the final round.


■20th place
■Points earned: 110 points
■Overall World Cup standings (as of 10 January):
・PSL: 10th place
・PGS: 6th place
・Parallel Overall: 8th place

Winner: Daniela Ulbing (Austria/1998)
Runner-up: Claudia Riegler (Austria/1973)
Third Place: Ladina Jenny (Switzerland/1993)

17th place: Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)

20th place: Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)

The number of competitors: 34

Tsubaki was in 5th place when all the riders finished their first qualifying runs. But unfortunately, in the second run, she struggled over the difficult slope and fell, ending up finishing 20th without being able to pass the qualification round.
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