Tsubaki Miki becomes the first Japanese winner in the World Campionships’ PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom) event!

On 19 February 2023, Tsubaki Miki, who belongs to Cataler, competed at the 15th Snowboard World Championships in Bakuriani, Georgia, and became the champion of the PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom) competition. This is a splendid achievement, which represents the first time ever for a Japanese snowboarder to win a Parallel Giant Slalom event at the World Championships.





Women’s PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)





(Qualification rounds)


■First race in the qualification rounds (on the blue course).


Against Daniela Ulbing.

39.38 seconds




■Second race in the qualification rounds (on the red course).


Against Claudia Riegler.

42.24 seconds




Total time of the qualification runs: 1 minute and 21.62 seconds.


Passed the qualification rounds in third place.




After two qualification runs, top-16 riders can progress to the final rounds.


(Final rounds)


※Time matters only in the qualification rounds. Finals are knock-out rounds.




■1/8 Final: Top-16 match-up (on the blue course)


Against Ramona Theresia Hofmeister.


Won via DNF (※) of the opponent.

(※)Did Not Finish: An occasion when a rider, although he or she had made a start, did not complete the course or withdrew from competition in a heat.


■Quarterfinals: Top-8 match-up (on the blue course).


Against Julie Zogg.

Won via DNF of the opponent.


■Semifinals: Top-4 match-up (on the blue course)


Against Lucia Dalmasso.

Won via DNF of the opponent.



■Big final: Top-2 match-up (on the red course)


Against Daniela Ulbing.

Won via DNF of the opponent.

▼Race footage

Ulbing (AUT) vs. Miki (JPN) | Big Final | Women’s PGS | Bakuriani 2023





■Points scored: 1,000 points

■Overall World Cup standings (as of February 19)


・PSL: 6th place

・PGS: 7th place

・Parallel Overall: 6th place


▼Footage which summarizes the events of the day including the awards ceremony.

Daily Diary #1 | Parallel Giant Slalom | Bakuriani 2023




OFFICIAL RESULTS (scourced from FIS)




Winner: Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)

Runner-up: Daniela Ulbing (Austria/1998)

3rd place: Aleksandra Krol (Poland/1990)



9th place: Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)


The number of competitors: 39




Tsubaki hasn’t really been able to capture any medals this season until this day. But after having a rough couple of months, she showed us the great achievement of taking the gold medal at the World Championships, for the first time ever for a Japanese athlete, by winning the Parallel Giant Slalom event.



We’d appreciate your continuous support for Tsubaki Miki.