Tsubaki Miki eliminated in the quarterfinals of this season’s last PSL (Parallel Slalom) event at World Cup, finishing in 5th.

On March 18, 2023, Tsubaki Miki, alpine snowboarder who belongs to Cataler, participated in the FIS Snowboard World Cup event held in Berchtesgaden, Germany.






Women’s PSL (Parallel Slalom)






(Qualification rounds)


■First run in the qualification rounds (on the red course).


Against Sabine Schoeffmann.

35.58 seconds.




■Second run in the Qualification rounds (on the blue course).


Against Cheyenne Loch.

37.49 seconds.




Total time in the qualification rounds: 1 minute and 13.07 seconds.


Made it past the qualification round in 2nd place.




※After two qualification runs, top-16 riders can advance to the final rounds.



(Final rounds)


※Time counts only in the qualification rounds. The finals are the knock-out rounds.




■1/8 Final: Top-16 match-up (on the red course).


Against Elisa Caffont.

Won by 0.43 seconds.


■Quarterfinals: Top-8 match-up (on the red course)


Against Ramona Theresia Hofmeister.

Lost by 0.12 seconds.





■Fifth place

■Points earned: 450 points

■Overall World Cup standings (as of March 18)


・PSL: 6th place

・PGS: 6th place

・Parallel overall: 5th place








Winner: Ester Ledecka (Czech/1995)


Runner-up: Ramona Theresia Hofmeister (Germany/1996)


3rd place: Cheyenne Loch (Germany/1994)



5th place: Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)



19th place: Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)



29th place: Suzumi Maeda (Japan/2005)



31st place: Noah Murata (Japan/2002)




The number of competitors: 31






Unfortunately, Tsubaki was eliminated in the quarterfinals in the last PSL (Parallel Slalom) event on this season’s World Cup tour, finishing in the 5th place. The only competition left for her is the Snowboard World Junior Championships which will start on March 24.




We hope you will cheer for Tsubaki to her last race of this season.