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20th Anniversary of CATALER NORTH AMERICA / Opening Ceremony of CNA’s Satellite Plant

20th Anniversary of CATALER NORTH AMERICA / Opening Ceremony of CNA’s Satellite Plant


On September 7, 2022, an event was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of CATALER NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION (or “CNA”).
Our employees, and people from our affiliated companies, gathered together and had a great time watching congratulatory video messages as well as the memorial footage about the 20th anniversary of CNA’s founding.

On the following day (Sep. 8), the opening ceremony for CNA’s satellite plant (or the “Hickory Plant”) was held. Among the attendees were, besides our relevant personnel, the commission chairman of Catawba County (where CNA is located), the mayor of Hickory, and people from our affiliated companies. And we received a lot of words of congratulations from them.

By promoting the use of equipment automation in order to save manpower, the Hickory Plant aims to be a manufacturer of products which are higher in quality and lower in price than ever before.
In addition, this plant would also serve as the backup plant if CNA’s headquarters plant was damaged by some incidents, such as natural disasters. (These two plants are 16km apart in a straight line.)

CNA’s satellite plant is scheduled to start operation from October 2023.

Developing equipment based on cost priority
At CATALER, we have been developing our own innovative mass-production equipment, in which every minimum component is designed separately, so that the entire system can be flexibly rearranged in order to reduce waste of the equipment cost when a commercial production starts.
Buisiness Continuity Management

Here we will introduce to you CATALER’s own Buisiness Continuity Management system, which has enabled us to achieve the contribution to local communities as well as the continuous supply of our products to the customers, while putting first priority on human life and safety.