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CATALER CHINA receives the Deming Grand Prize for fiscal 2022

CATALER CHINA receives the Deming Grand Prize for fiscal 2022

On October 4, 2022, the Deming Prize Committee within the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers decided to give the Deming Grand Prize to Cataler China (科特拉[無錫]汽車環保科技有限公司).
By this awarding, Cataler China(CCC) becomes the second company within the CATALER Group to receive a Deming Prize, following our (CAC’s) receiving the Deming Prize in 2015 as well as our winning the Deming Grand Prize in 2018.

(Following is the statement from the Deming Prize Committee.)

This company was founded in 2002 in Wuxi City in Jiangsu Province, China, as one of the overseas bases of the CATALER Group when exhaust gas regulations started to be tightened in China as the country’s motorization advanced.
It has been manufacturing and selling exhaust catalysts for automobiles and motorcycles, with Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. as its main customer.
Now the company has 200 employees (as of January 2022), and its total sales in fiscal 2021 is 6.86 billion renminbi (123.9 billion yen).

Cataler China has engaged in its buisiness activities centering on the development of human resources, while defending its No.1 position within the Group in terms of the indexes of safety, quality, and productivity. But in order to enjoy this good position for a long time to come, it has started to work to strengthen its TQM activities, setting the goal of building up a buisiness infrastructure which enables sustainable growth.
In the meantime, the company has been working on other unique activities, such as developing human assets that can “do an obvious thing in an obvious way,” promoting company-level cost reduction toward profitability reform, and performing process management in cooperation with the staff department.
As the results of these efforts, even in this difficult buisiness environment, Cataler China firmly maintains its sales amount and keeps its sales profit at a high level. Furthermore, it continues to have no customer complaints and no serious quality problems, while improving both the local staff rate and employees retention rate.

Reference source: “On the winners of the Deming Prizes in fiscal 2022.” / The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers. (PRTIMES)