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Notice of Cataler Corporation’s Directors and Corporate Auditors at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Notice of Cataler Corporation’s Directors and Corporate Auditors at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


At the ordinary general meeting of shareholders held on June 24, 2020, candidates for director and corporate auditor of Cataler Corporation were resolved, and the following matters will be announced.



( Board of Directors )

[Title] President
[Name] Hiroaki Sunakawa


[Title] Executive Vice President
[Name] Hiroki Ichinose
[Duty] ARK Creation Centre


[Title] Director and Executive Managing Officer
[Name] Hironao Kawai
[Duty] Production Engineering Function / Information Systems Division


[Title] Director and Executive Managing Officer
[Name] Kazuaki Takada
[Duty] Research & Development Function


[Title] Director and Senior Managing Officer
[Name] Yukiyasu Saeki
[Duty] Research & Development Function


[Title] Director
[Name] Ryuichi Sueyoshi <<Newly appointed>>
[Duty] President, Cataler Thailand


[Title] Director
[Name] Akihiro Yamanaka


[Title] Director
[Name] Toshiyuki Mizushima


(Corporate Auditors)

[Title] Audit and Supervisory Board Member
[Name] Toshiaki Fujiwara <<Newly appointed>>


[Title] Auditor
[Name] Tomokazu Muraguchi


[Title] Auditor
[Name] Nobutaka Uchida


Audit & Supervisory Board Member Makoto Ide retired this time.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your service.



▼List of Directors










Renewed the sponsorship contract with Alpine Snowboarder Tsubaki Miki

Renewed the sponsorship contract with Alpine Snowboarder Tsubaki Miki

On June 1, 2020, we renewed the sponsorship agreement with Tsubaki Miki (17 years old), an alpine snowboarder living in Kakegawa City.


As part of our community contribution activities through sports, we support Tsubaki Miki, who challenges Kakegawa to the world, so that she can do the maximum amount of competition.


▼ Cataler Miki Tsubaki’s special website

You can see the profile of Tsubaki Miki, career introduction, results (competition record), blog, gallery, etc.

▼ “Cataler x Tsubaki Miki” CM “Living together on this earth.”
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Installed solar power generation equipment and started private power generation

Installed solar power generation equipment and started private power generation


On May 29, 2020, solar power generation facilities were installed in the hall of the head office building to promote BCM (Business Continuity Management)* and CO2 reduction.


In-house power generation has also started, and we are forecasting 100,000kWh of annual power generation.


It is a trial calculation that the electricity generated by solar power is consumed internally rather than sold, and can contribute to a CO2 reduction of approximately 42.9 tons per year.


It is also assumed to be an emergency power source, and can be used to power the lighting, outlets of our disaster evacuation area and the air conditioner in the injured treatment room.


Aiming to further reduce CO2, we will also consider expanding the installation at another company building in the head office, Ark Creation Center (Iwata City).



What is BCM (Business Continuity Management)?

Comprehensive and integrated business continuity management, including continuous improvement such as
business continuity plan formulation, implementation, operation, and review, when a company engages in
business continuity.


Comprehensive management process of recognize the potential impacts that threaten the organization
and to build a framework that enhances resilience and responsiveness and effective responses to protect
stakeholder interests, reputation, brand and value creation activities.




Released the special site of our athlete, “Tsubaki Miki”

Released the special site of our athlete, “Tsubaki Miki”

On May 26, 2020,We have released the English version of the special site of our
Alpine snowboarder, “Tsubaki Miki”.


2019 (15 years old)
・FIS Snowboard World Cup, the youngest ever listing(PA)
・All Japan Championship,She won the youngest in history.(PA)


2019 (16 years old)
・Be selected as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesTorchbearer in Shizuoka Prefecture


and more…


Please pay attention to the movement on the snow caused by the Japanese representative high school girl.



▼Tsubaki cheering party | CATALER Corporation



Our athlete Tsubaki Miki (16 years old) donated goggles to the hospital

Our athlete Tsubaki Miki (16 years old) donated goggles to the hospital


On April 22, 2020, our alpine snowboarder Tsubaki Miki (16 years old) donated 37 snowboard or ski sporting goggles to Chutoen General medical center in Kakegawa City. These will be used by staff to combat the new type of coronavirus.


「Goggles for Docs」(※)

Activities by snowboard players to support healthcare professionals are spreading worldwide.

This was a collection of goggles with the cooperation of our own products and our other sponsors.


Regarding this matter, it has been published in many media, so please see here for details.(Japanese only)


■ TV Shizuoka




■ Yahoo News (TV Shizuoka)


■ Yahoo News (SBSs)


■ SBS (Video)




※ The above links are as of noon, April 23.


★ Miki Tsubaki Instagram

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地元でのコロナウイルス感染症の指定病院となっている中東遠総合医療センターへ、計37個のスノーゴーグルの寄付をさせて戴きました。 今回寄付をさせていただくにあたって、 スポンサーのPOC(フルマークス)様にお声掛けさせていただいたところ、「是非協力できれば」と想いに賛同していただきました。 また、キャタラー様は全社員の皆さんに声をかけてくださり、集めていただけました!キャタラーの皆様ありがとうございました。 前ゴーグルスポンサーであったアディダスアイウエア(マスターズアイプロテクションジャパン様)にもご了承いただき、以前サポートいただき保管していたゴーグルも寄付させていただきました。 コロナウイルスが蔓延し、暗いニュースが多い中でこういったことにご協力していただける、優しいスポンサーの皆様に応援していただけていると思うと本当に嬉しくなりました。 また自分が戦う場所に戻れた時、医療従事者の皆さんのように全力を尽くせるよう、今できる精一杯の準備をわたし自身もしていきたいと思いました。 ご協力いただいた皆様の気持ちを届けられました。ありがとうございました! 医院長さんが今いろいろと辛いこともあると言葉を詰まらせておられるの見て、考えさせられました。 医療従事者のみなさんに感謝しつつみなさんの健康も心配です。1日も早く収束しますように。 #cataler #POC #adidas #tsubakimiki #輝くかけがわ応援大使 #掛川市#alpinesnowboard #alpinesnowboarding #snowboard #snowboarding #中東遠総合医療センター #ゴーグル #goggle #寄付 #donation #コロナウイルス感染予防

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(※) “Goggles for Docs” reference

Source of quotation: BACKSTAGE INC. Website


Interview / Article

Our public relations activities were posted in NEWing, a public relations magazine.

Our public relations activities were posted in NEWing, a public relations magazine.


Special feature of the local economic information magazine “NEWing (April 2020)” read by many managers in Hamamatsu


Our public relations activities were posted on the “PR External Public Relations-Interview with a Specialty Public Relations Representative” page.

In this article, our spokesperson said, “Public relations is abbreviated as” PR “in English, but the original meaning is” Public Relations “and not” Promotion. “Public relations in a company refer to “connections with stakeholders”, and I believe that corporate public relations is a job close to what is called CSR. Therefore, it is my role to connect society and companies and get a lot of likes from society. ”


▼ Become a company that receives a lot of “likes” from community. (Japanese only)

* Only our articles are authorized to be reprinted, so please visit our website.



“NEWing” is a community-based magazine published by the Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1947 for its members. It is read by approximately 14,000 companies (one or more of the two companies in the Hamamatsu region) in the Hamamatsu region.



▼ Click here for details (Japanese only)


Internal events

Invitation ceremony was held in 2020

Invitation ceremony was held in 2020


On April 1, 2020, a ceremony was held at the Headquarters Deming Prize Commemorative Hall for the 2020 entrance ceremony.


With 26 new associates, the number of employees has reached 1,077.




▼ Opening remarks by Hiroaki Sunakawa, President


Congratulations to all new employees. I am very happy to welcome you here today. I guess you have been worried about the new coronavirus worldwide.


In order to ensure the safety and security of our employees, all employees are taking measures such as canceling large-scale events, reviewing the method of holding the event, and disinfecting the company.

As a part of this, it’s usual that this ceremony is celebrated with more than 300 employees, but please understand that this time only the officers and the union executive department participated.

However, for us, it is still the most enjoyable day of the year to welcome youthful and energetic people as friends.

We will do our best to select Cataler from a number of potential employment, survive the rigorous recruitment exams, and meet the efforts and expectations of everyone on this day.


In recent years, automotive electronics, intelligence, and information technologies have become the focus of attention in the automotive industry, and this is said to be a major turning point once every 100 years. Cataler anticipates changes in games such as electrification and has taken steps to start up operations at its R&D base, ARK Creation centre, and plan new businesses. We will create new customer value and establish an earnings base other than automotive catalysts. Of course, I would like you all to join the transformation team as well.


In terms of innovation, two years ago we won the Deming Prize, an award given to a company that excels in total quality management, including management. All employees participated, and the results of our challenge to create various systems were recognized in order for the Company to take a leap forward looking 50 years ahead.


For new recruits, we will start inputting the knowledge and skills necessary for working at Cataler using the human resource development system called C-HAM (Cataler-Human-Asset Management) for the DNA of Cataler-style quality management. .


Now, here, I would like to say three things about my expectations for all of you.


1. “Enjoy”

He likes to know him. It is like enjoying something that likes it.

(People who know things well cannot win against people who like things. People who like things cannot win against people who enjoy things.)

Please be fond of your work. At first, please be fond your company, Cataler. Be a person who can enjoy the company life. Please aim to become a world-class professional while enjoying yourself.


2. “Communication” and “Teamwork”

No man of any excellence can complete his work alone. Please greet your seniors and supervisors, ask questions, and improve your ability while actively communicating. Build teamwork with your fellow Global Cataler friends and open up a new era of Cataler.


3. “Safety and health”

Always judge and act with the courage of being a coward. If you feel a little uneasy or dangerous before taking action, “Do not put your hand out, do not move, or stop.” I want you to do your work dynamically and aggressively, but as far as safety is concerned, I want you to be a coward, acting with the utmost care from today.


Finally, I would like to talk about “work-life balance.”

With “Work Style Reform Activities” at the top of this year’s corporate policy, we are working to achieve a work-life balance for each and every employee. I would like you to work together with a sense of ownership in order to create an attractive company where everyone can be healthy and active.


As a member of Cataler, you will be able to grow and play an active role, survive this turning point vividly, and at the same time, realize the dreams of each and every one of you, and live a bright, healthy and productive life. I pray and make my welcome greeting.



We were awarded the “Quality Management Excellence Award” and the “Technology Development Excellence Award” by Hino Motors.

We were awarded the “Quality Management Excellence Award” and the “Technology Development Excellence Award” by Hino Motors.


On March 24, 2020, we were awarded the “Excellent Quality Control Award” and the “Excellent Technology Development Award” by Hino Motors.


The “Quality Control Excellence Award” was evaluated as having zero defects, and has been awarded for six consecutive years.


The Award for Excellence in Technology Development is the world’s first refined Ag-based catalyst that was mass-produced in 2017.

We were recognized for our successful reduction of catalyst size by improving exhaust gas purification efficiency, which has led to the expansion of the number of models equipped with this technology.


▼ Hino Motors, Ltd.​