Tsubaki Miki passes qualifying in 2nd in PSL (Parallel Slalom), but loses in finals into 5th place

On 21 January 2023, Tsubaki Miki, alpine snowboarder who belongs to Cataler, competed in the FIS Snowboard World Cup event that took place at Bansko, Bulgaria.



Women’s PSL (Parallel Slalom)


(Qualification rounds)

■First race in the qualification round (on the blue course).

Against Ladina Jenny.

37.14 seconds

■Second race in the qualification round (on the red course).

Against Daniela Ulbing.

38.49 seconds


Total time in the qualification: 1minute and 15.63 seconds

Passed the qualification in 2nd place.


Based on the total time of two qualification runs, the top-16 riders can advance to the final rounds.

(Final rounds)

*Time counts only in the qualification rounds. The finals are the knock-out rounds.



■1/8 Finals: Top-16 match-up (on the red course).

Against Cheyenne Loch.

Won by 0.19 seconds.

Quarterfinals: Top-8 match-up (on the red course).

Against Sabine Schoeffmann.

Lost by 0.30 seconds.


■5th place

■Points scored: 450 points.

OFFICIAL RESULTS (scourced from FIS)


Winner: Julie Zogg (Switzerland/1992)

Runner-up: Sabine Schoeffmann (Austria/1992)

3rd place: Jessica Keiser (Switzerland/1994)

5th place: Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)

16th place: Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)


26th place: Suzumi Maeda (Japan/2005)

The number of the competitors: 28



You can also see the footage of the big final match-up (Julie Zogg vs Sabine Schoeffmann).

Zogg pips Schoefmann in tight finish | Bansko | FIS Snowboard

(FIS Snowboarding YouTube)


Although Tsubaki made it past the qualification in 2nd place, she lost in the finals unfortunately, finishing 5th.

We’d appreciate your continuous support for Tsubaki Miki.