Tsubaki Miki comes in third, her highest position this season so far, in the women’s Parallel Giant Slalom event at World Cup.

On 15 March 2023, Tsubaki Miki, alpine snowboarder who belongs to Cataler, competed in the FIS Snowboard World Cup event that took place at Rogla, Slovenia. She came in third, her highest position this season so far.


Women’s PGS (Parallel Giant Slalom)



(Qualification rounds)

■First race in the qualification round (on the blue course).

Against Sabine Schoeffmann.

35.20 seconds



■Second race in the qualification round (on the red course).

Against Michelle Dekker.

37.15 seconds





Total time in the qualification: 1minute and 12.35 seconds

Passed the qualification in 3rd place.



※Based on the total time of two qualification runs, the top-16 riders can advance to the final rounds.

(Final rounds)

※Time counts only in the qualification rounds. The finals are the knock-out rounds.



■1/8 Finals: Top-16 match-up (on the blue course).


Against Tomoka Takeuchi.

Won by 0.39 seconds.



Quarterfinals: Top-8 match-up (on the blue course).


Against Aleksandra Krol.

Won by 0.30 seconds.



■Semifinal: Top-4 match-up (on the red course).


Against Sabine Schoeffmann.

Lost by 0.68 seconds.



■Small Final: Third place match (on the blue course).


Against Lucia Dalmasso.

Won by 0.35 seconds.


▼Race footage

Miki rounds out Women’s podium on Jasa slope | Rogla | FIS Snowboard – YouTube





■3rd place

■Points earned: 600 points.

■Overall World Cup standings (as of 15 March)

・PSL: 6th place

・PGS: 6th place

・Parallel Overall : 6th place





Winner: Sabine Schoeffmann (Austria/1992)

Runner-up: Ester Ledecka (Czech/1995)

3rd place: Tsubaki Miki (Japan/2003)

14th place: Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan/1983)

28th place: Suzumi Maeda (Japan/2005)

30th place: Noah Murata (Japan/2002)


The number of competitors: 43



Following the victory at the World Championships, Tsubaki has come in third, her highest position this year so far, at this World Cup event. She has been in good shape and constantly making good time during training since the World Championships ended. So, we think that this successful conditioning has eventually led her to the good result this time. We hope that she will also do her best in the next match.

We’d appreciate your continuous support for Tsubaki Miki.