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Notice of change of chief executive directors and new executive structure

On June 27, 2023, the appointment of board members were made at the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting. And after the Meeting, the Chief Executive Directors and the other executives with specific titles were decided at the Board of Directors. This is to inform the changes to our executive structure.



1. Changes of the Chief Executive Directors (effective June 27, 2023)



2. New executive structure (effective June 27, 2023)



President and Chief Executive Director Masashi Ishida

Vice President and Chief Executive Director Hironao Kawai

Executive Managing Officer Yukiyasu Saeki

Executive Managing Officer Nakaba Tamura

Executive Managing Officer Ryuichi Sueyoshi

Senior Managing Officer Akimasa Hirai

Executive Director Akihiro Yamanaka

Executive Director Masahiro Nishikawa



Full-time Corporate Auditor Toshiaki Fujiwara

Corporate Auditor Ikuo Ishida

Corporate Auditor Makoto Okuda



3.Name and profile of new President

Name: Masashi Ishida / Born on February 19, 1963



1986 Joined Toyota Motor Corporation.

2017 Held the post of the vice president at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia.

June 2022 Became Vice President of Cataler Corporation.

June 2022 Became President of Cataler Corporation.

Please click here to view the message from new President.



4. Notification of organizational changes

Effective June 27, organizational changes were implemented at Cataler Corporation. Please click here for the details.


Under the new executive structure, we intend to make further efforts for the development of our business. We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and cooperation. Thank you very much again.