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QC circle activities
(small-group kaizen activity)

Cataler promotes QC circle activities (small-group kaizen activity) (*) that increase customer value and improve organizational capabilities throughout the Company, not only in the manufacturing department but also the administrative department, and all domestic and overseas Cataler Group members participate in them. We also aim to develop human assets who can see things from a QC perspective.

*QC circle activities (small-group kaizen activity)
QC is an abbreviation for "Quality Control". A QC circle is a small group of people in front-line workplaces who continuously manage and improve the quality of products, services, and work. Cataler's QC circle activities are performed on a voluntary basis, and they are carried out while exercising creativity and promoting self- and mutual-education through the use of QC concepts, methods, etc.
(*Reference: from JUSE HP)

QC circle activities (small-group kaizen activity)