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Cataler-Public Relations Strategy (C-PRS)

Cataler conducts strategic PR (*) for stakeholders (*) that takes account of the content, form and method of "information to be sent (provided)" and "information to be received (collected)", as well as the organizations and employees involved in handling such information.

Stakeholders are any 'interested' parties. Stakeholders in business refer broadly to all interested parties in a corporate organization (e.g., shareholders, managers, employees, customers, suppliers, etc.).

"PR" included in the name C-PRS (Cataler-Public Relations Strategy) is a term that refers to general communication activities (= public relations) aimed at building good relationships with the public. In order to build good relationships, it is necessary to convey information so that the other party can correctly understand our company, and at the same time, it is necessary to receive information so that we can correctly understand the other party. With this background, public relations refers to communication activities that include both the transmission and reception of information, and are conducted with the aim of building good relationships with the target audience.

Cataler-Public Relations Strategy

Efforts companies make to understand stakeholder concerns (examples)

If there is any problem with the quality, the information is properly disclosed to the customer in the news release.
We contribute to society through volunteer activities, etc.
We conduct surveys based on employee satisfaction, etc., and provide an appropriate response.
We encourage business partners to work on CSR and environmental issues.
We listen to opinions and requests at general meetings of shareholders, etc.